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Beloved Parents, our dearest boys, and girls who are graduating from Kindergarten this June 2020.

It is my pleasure to share with you this remarkable event in an extraordinary way. Let me first express my wholehearted congratulations to our young graduates who have successfully paced the important phase of study that lays the foundation of life-long learning.  

Honour and thanks must be given to Parents for their unceasing support to the children and to the teachers in providing an enabling environment where they could explore their potentials through a wide variety of learning experiences. This would not be possible without you, dearest parents. So, I wish to express my appreciation of your active contributions towards your child’s education.   

 It has been said that children are the world’s hope for a better future. Indeed! Especially in this rampantly changing world, we need to equip our children with practical knowledge, imbued with moral values in order to prepare them in becoming globally competitive individuals in the future.

I would also like to extend my appreciation and acknowledgment to all the Teachers and the School Administrators on their efforts and contributions in promoting the development and education of our young learners.

To all graduates, once again, my warmest congratulations on your achievements in Australian Intercultural School.  May I wish you every success in your future studies. Thank you!

The graduation photos and videos are now available for download. Visit this link to download :

This video also available on Instagram: @ais.batam